Fatty Bom Bom Singapore Menu Prices 2024

Fatty bom bom menu Singapore: Hello Singapore foodies, are you looking for the fatty bom bom menu? If yes, your search ends here. Because here we have shared the complete fatty bom bom menu with updated prices so that you can know how expensive this restaurant would be for you.We pulled these menu prices and images from official fatty bom bom Singapore sources, such as their official website and social media pages. Our team will update the menu when the restaurant changes the prices of its items. So you will always get the most updated menu on this page.Just do yourself a favor — you must bookmark this website because here we regularly publish restaurant menu prices in Singapore so you can find the best and highest quality food in Singapore.

Fatty Bom Bom Singapore Menu 2024

Fatty bom bom menu can be categorized as Popular, Burger & Roll Series, Pasta & Rice Series, Western Grilled Series, Individual Slide Dishes, and Finger Foods. Now Let’s See them in detail one by one.


Fatty Bom Black Pepper ChickenSGD 9.90
Cajun Chicken with PastaSGD 9.90
Jerry’s Beef BurgerSGD 9.90
Fatty Bom Crunchy ChickenSGD 9.90
Crunchy Chicken with pastaSGD 9.90
Fatty Bom Cajun chickenSGD 9.90
Fatty Bom Bom Menu

Burger & Roll Series

Fatty Bom Cajun Chicken RollSGD 8.90
Fatty Bom Crispy Fish RollSGD 8.90
Fatty Bom Crispy Chicken RollSGD 8.90
Jerry’s Beef BurgerSGD 9.90
Double Mega BurgerSGD 15.50
Supreme BurgerSGD 13.50
Fatt Bom Bom Singapore Menu Popular Prices

Pasta & Rice Series

Crunchy fish with PastaSGD 9.90
Grilled Fish with PastaSGD 9.90
Cajun Chicken with PastaSGD 9.90
Crunchy Chicken with PastaSGD 9.90
Grilled Fish with RiceSGD 9.90
Crunchy Fish with RiceSGD 9.90
Cajun Chicken with RiceSGD 9.90
Crunchy Chicken with RiceSGD 9.90

Western Grilled Series

Fatty Bom Cajun ChickenSGD 9.90
Fatty Bom BBQ ChickenSGD 9.90
Fatty Bom Black Pepper ChickenSGD 9.90
Fatty Bom Grili FishSGD 9.90
Fatty Bom Black Pepper Grill FishSGD 9.90
Fatty Bom Crunchy FishSGD 9.90
Fatty Bom Crunchy ChickenSGD 9.90
Fatty Bom Tender SteakSGD 14.50
Fatty Bom Norwegian Salmon FilletSGD 17.40

Individual Side Dishes

Mash PotatoSGD 4.00
Teriyaki fried RiceSGD 3.70
NuggetSGD 5.00

Finger Foods

Supreme Fries & WedgesSGD 8.90
Jerry Fries & WedgesSGD 6.20
Mama Cajun Fries & WedgesSGD 5.20
Fatty Bom Cajun RingSGD 4.90
Fatty Bom Mid WingSGD 7.90
2 Pcs Fatty Bom Cajun WingSGD 4.00
6 Pcs Fatty Bom Roasted Wing StickSGD 7.90
Fatty Bom DrinkersSGD 15.50

What Is The Mission Of Fatty Bom Bom Singapore Menu?

  • Offering Western-style comfort food at affordable prices: Their menu features classic Western dishes like burgers, pasta, and grilled meats, often with generous portions and competitive prices. This suggests they aim to provide a familiar and satisfying dining experience without breaking the bank.
  • Focusing on convenience and accessibility: With multiple locations and delivery options, Fatty Bom Bom seems to prioritize making their food easily accessible to customers. This might indicate a mission to cater to busy individuals or families seeking a quick and convenient meal.
  • Providing value for money: Many online reviews of Fatty Bom Bom highlight the good portion sizes and reasonable prices. This suggests a focus on offering customers a satisfying dining experience without overcharging.

What’s New In Fatty Bom Bom Menu Singapore?

  • Burger & Roll Series: These include the Fatty Bom Cajun Chicken Roll, Fatty Bom Crispy Fish Roll, Fatty Bom Crispy Chicken Roll, Jerry’s Beef Burger, Double Mega Burger, and Supreme Burger.
  • Pasta & Rice Series: These include the Crunchy Chicken With Tomato Pasta, Chicken Wing Rice, Curry Chicken Cutlet Rice, Popcorn Chicken Rice, Teriyaki Chicken Rice, and Pepper Beef Slice Rice.
  • Western Grilled Series: These include the Fatty Bom Cajun Chicken, Fatty Bom BBQ Chicken, Fatty Bom Black Pepper Chicken, Fatty Bom Crunchy Fish, Fatty Bom Crunchy Chicken, Fatty Bom Tender Steak, and Fatty Bom Lamb Steak.

Why People Love Fatty Bom Bom Menu?

  • Variety and Customization: The menu offers a wide variety of dishes, including burgers, pasta, rice bowls, sandwiches, and even some starters. This gives customers plenty of options to choose from, and many items can be customized with different proteins, sauces, and sides.
  • Affordability: Fatty Bom Bom is considered relatively affordable compared to other restaurants serving similar types of food. This can be a major draw for customers who are looking for a good value for their money.
  • Halal Certification: As a halal-certified restaurant, Fatty Bom Bom caters to a wider Muslim audience who may have difficulty finding other options serving Western-style comfort food.
  • Positive Reviews: The restaurant generally receives positive reviews from customers who praise the taste, portion sizes, and value for money. This can create a buzz and attract new customers who are curious to try it for themselves.

What Is The Success Story Of Fatty Bom Bom Singapore Menu?

  • nique or interesting dishes: Fatty Bom Bom offers some dishes like Cajun chicken rolls and popcorn chicken, which might attract customers looking for something different.
  • Value for money: Pricing seems to be generally affordable, which could be appealing in Singapore’s competitive food scene.
  • Catering to local preferences: The menu includes familiar dishes like chicken rice and burgers, which could be a good strategy for attracting a wider audience.
  • Positive customer reviews: While the online reviews I found are mixed, some customers express satisfaction with the food and value.

Frequently Asked Questions

atty Bom Bom offers a variety of Western-style dishes, including:

  • Burgers & Rolls: Beef, chicken, and fish burgers with unique toppings, hotdogs, and wraps.
  • Pasta & Rice: Tomato-based pasta with chicken, fish, or vegetables, curry rice, teriyaki rice, and more.
  • Western Grilled Series: Cajun chicken, BBQ chicken, black pepper chicken, fish and chips, and grilled steaks.

There are a limited number of vegetarian options, such as pasta dishes without meat and vegetable sides. However, Fatty Bom Bom is primarily a meat-focused restaurant and may not be suitable for strict vegetarians or vegans.

Yes, Fatty Bom Bom sometimes offers combo meals with drinks and sides at discounted prices. You can check their website or social media pages for current promotions.

Yes, Fatty Bom Bom delivers through various food delivery platforms like Foodpanda and Deliveroo. Delivery fees and availability may vary depending on your location.

YES, Fatty Bom Bom Singapore is Halal Certified.

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