Garrett Popcorn Singapore Menu Prices 2024

Garrett popcorn menu Singapore: Hello Singapore foodies, are you looking for the garrett popcorn menu? If yes, your search ends here. Because here we have shared the complete garrett popcorn menu with updated prices so that you can know how expensive this restaurant would be for you.We pulled these menu prices and images from official garrett popcorn Singapore sources, such as their official website and social media pages. Our team will update the menu when the restaurant changes the prices of its items. So you will always get the most updated menu on this page.Just do yourself a favor — you must bookmark this website because here we regularly publish restaurant menu prices in Singapore so you can find the best and highest quality food in Singapore.

Garrett Popcorn Singapore Menu 2024

Garrett Popcorn Singapore Menu can be Categorized as Caramel Crisp, Cheese Corn, Chicago Mix, and Macadamia Caramel Crisp. Let’s explore them in detail one by one.


Caramel Crisp Small BagSGD 6.00
Caramel Crisp Medium BagSGD 10.00
Caramel Crisp Large BagSGD 14.00
Caramel Crisp Jumbo BagSGD 24.50


Cheese Corn Small BagSGD 6.00
Cheese Corn Medium BagSGD 10.00
Cheese Corn Large BagSGD 14.00
Cheese Corn Petite TinSGD 19.00


Chicago Mix Small BagSGD 6.00
Chicago Mix Medium BagSGD 10.00
Chicago Mix Large BagSGD 14.00
Chicago Mix Jumbo BagSGD 24.50


Macadamia Caramel Crisp Small BagSGD 10.50
Macadamia Caramel Crisp Medium BagSGD 16.50
Macadamia Caramel Crisp Large BagSGD 23.00
Macadamia Caramel Crisp Petite TinSGD 27.50

What Is The Mission Of Garrett Popcorn Singapore Menu?

  • Provide high-quality, gourmet popcorn: Their focus on handcrafted recipes, using real ingredients and unique flavor combinations suggests a dedication to offering a premium popcorn experience.
  • Offer a variety of flavors and options: From classic CaramelCrisp and CheeseCorn to limited-edition and seasonal flavors, they cater to diverse preferences and keep things exciting.
  • Deliver exceptional customer service: Their friendly staff and commitment to creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere point towards a mission of exceeding customer expectations.
  • Share the joy of popcorn: The emphasis on tins, party packs, and gifting options suggests a mission to spread happiness and create memorable moments through their product.

What’s New In Garrett Popcorn Menu Singapore?

  • Valentine’s Day Collection: For Valentine’s Day 2024, Garrett Popcorn Singapore released a special collection featuring two new flavors: Chocolate Cherry and Pink Champagne. These flavors are available in tins, bags, and gift sets.
  • Lunar New Year Collection: For Lunar New Year 2024, Garrett Popcorn Singapore released a special collection featuring two new flavors: Prosperity Caramel Corn and Firecracker Caramel Corn. These flavors are available in tins, bags, and gift sets.
  • Garrett Popcorn x Hello Kitty Collaboration: In collaboration with Hello Kitty, Garrett Popcorn Singapore released a limited-edition tin featuring their classic Caramel Crisp and CheeseCorn flavors. This tin is available for a limited time only.

Why People Love Garrett Popcorn Menu?

  • Signature Recipes: The main draw is the unique flavor combinations, especially the iconic “Garrett Mix” which blends sweet CaramelCrisp and savory CheeseCorn. Other flavors like Black Raspberry, Pumpkin Spice, and Garrett Nuts offer variety.
  • Premium Ingredients: Popcorns are cooked in small batches with high-quality, preservative-free ingredients, offering a fresh and flavorful experience.
  • Secret Family Recipes: The unique taste comes from time-tested family recipes, handed down through generations, which adds a touch of tradition and exclusivity.
  • Nostalgia and Experience: Founded in 1949, Garrett Popcorn offers a nostalgic Chicago experience. The friendly shop atmosphere and iconic packaging contribute to the overall appeal.
  • Gifting and Sharing: With unique flavors and attractive packaging, Garrett Popcorn is a popular gift choice, fostering positive associations and memories.

What Is The Success Story Of Garrett Popcorn Singapore Menu?

  • Garrett Popcorn Shops itself is a well-established brand with a strong reputation for delicious, high-quality popcorn. This global popularity likely contributed to initial interest in Singapore.
  • Unique Flavors: Their signature flavors like Chicago Mix (mix of caramel and cheese popcorn) and CaramelCrisp are unique and not widely available elsewhere, creating intrigue and demand.
  • Premium Snacking: Singapore has a growing market for premium snacks and treats, aligning with Garrett Popcorn’s positioning.
  • Gifting Culture: Gift-giving is prevalent in Singapore, and Garrett Popcorn’s attractive tins and variety of flavors make it a popular choice.
  • Tourist Destination: Singapore attracts many tourists, who might be familiar with the brand and seek it out, or discover it and bring back as souvenirs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Signature Flavors: Garrett Mix (caramel and cheese), CaramelCrisp, CheeseCorn, Buttery
  • CaramelCrisp Flavors: Classic, Macadamia, Pecan, Cashew, Almond
  • Limited Batch Flavors: These change seasonally, so check the Garrett Popcorn website or inquire at a store for current options.

Yes, they offer various gift sets and bundles with different flavor combinations and sizes. You can also build your own tin with any combination of flavors.

Unfortunately, Garrett Popcorn does not currently offer any sugar-free or gluten-free popcorn in Singapore.

They have several stores in Singapore, including locations at Wisma Atria, Raffles City, and VivoCity. You can also order online through their website or food delivery platforms like Foodpanda.

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