Wok Hey Dry Laksa Menu Prices In Singapore

Hello to all wok hey fans out there and welcome to our website! Are you are finding for the latest Wok Hey Dry Laksa Menu prices in singapore? click on the right website. Here you can find the Wok Hey Dry Laksa Menu singapore along with latest prices.

Wok Hey Dry Laksa Singapore Menu 2024

We can easily classified the Wok Hey Dry Laksa Menu:

  • Crab Meat Dry Laksa MAX
  • Dry Laksa with Braised Beef
  • Dry Laksa
  • Dry Laksa with Grilled Chicken
  • Dry Laksa with Seasoned Prawns

Wok Hey Dry Laksa Prices

Crab Meat Dry Laksa MAXSGD 11.80
Dry Laksa with Grilled ChickenSGD 8.30
Dry Laksa with Braised BeefSGD 9.30
Dry Laksa with Seasoned PrawnsSGD 9.30
Dry LaksaSGD 7.00

Wok Hey Singapore Menu Categories

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